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June 25, 1998
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Fences of Light May Help Deer and Motorists

The Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) reported in its February-March 1998 issue of "Technology News" on a demonstration project designed to find out if special reflectors can save motorists millions of dollars in property damage and save the lives of thousands of deer each year.

In 1996, Iowa had 8,297 reported deer-vehicle collisions. Working to reduce this number, Iowa DOT will monitor the effectiveness of reflectors installed along five, one- mile sections of highway. The reflectors bounce light from the headlights of a passing vehicle across the highway. Deer perceive the lights as a fence blocking their progress and will wait to cross until the vehicle has gone and the "fence" collapses.

To read the complete article from the "Technology News" as reprinted in the "Road Management and Engineering Journal" at this website, click here. The article also includes links to four other reports at focusing on the problem of wildlife-vehicle collisions and describing various countermeasures.

Copyright © 1998 by TranSafety, Inc.

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