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^TOP^ December, 2001

Factual Issues of Design Immunity to Be Decided by a Jury; California Court Remands Guardrail Case

Alabama County Must Show a Jury That Four-Inch to Six-Inch Pavement Edge Dropoff Is a Reasonably Safe Condition

^TOP^ November, 2001

Ohio DOT Not Negligent; Edge Dropoff Within Work Zone Guidelines

Ohio Court Grants Summary Judgment to City; Seven-Inch Edge Dropoff in Repaving Project Not a Nuisance

^TOP^ October, 2001

Florida Defendants Get Retrial on Manslaughter Convictions Resulting from Deaths at Intersection Where Stop Sign Downed; Dissenting Judge Argues for Acquittal

Safety Alert for Salting of Railroad Crossings

^TOP^ September, 2001

Missouri Court Affirms Award; DOT Had Duty to Improve Skid Resistance and/or Warn of Slippery Highway

^TOP^ August, 2001

Nebraska County Liable for Lack of Proper Warning about Maintenance Machinery in Travel Lane

^TOP^ July, 2001

When Stop Sign Was Downed Six Times in Seventeen Days, Texas DOT May Be Liable for Not Correcting Sign's Susceptibility to Vandalism

^TOP^ June, 2001

Indiana Court Remands to Determine If County and/or Landowner Had a Duty to Remove or Modify Roadside Fencepost Struck in Fatal Intersection Crash

^TOP^ May, 2001

Michigan DOT Found Negligent When Freeway Connector Ramp Design Causes Truck to Roll, Killing Driver

^TOP^ April, 2001

From Age 16 to 16 1/2

U.S. Driver Licensing Renewal Procedures for Older Drivers

^TOP^ March, 2001

Jury to Decide If District of Columbia Contractor Negligent Where Pedestrian Fell Through Walkway Boards Covering Trench

Teens Need More Sleep, Experts Say

Grandparents! Buckle Those Kids!

^TOP^ February, 2001

Court Remands for Consideration of Florida County's Duty to Replace Downed Stop Sign

Drivers 55 Plus: Self-Rating Form

Drivers 55 Plus: Suggestions for Improvement

^TOP^ January, 2001

County to Pay Damages When Fatal Crash with Police Vehicle Happens Where Intersection Sight Distance Was Blocked by Foliage

Fatality Facts: Elderly

Young and Old Drivers Favor Curbs on Their Own Driving Privileges

^TOP^ December, 2000

Illinois Case Remanded for Reconsideration of County's Duty to Remove Weeds Obscuring Pedestrian's View of Bridge's Edge


Graduated Licensing

^TOP^ November, 2000

Injured Driver Need Not Know Why He Left Paved Roadway; Alabama County Must Defend Against Negligence Claim Based on Shoulder Edge Dropoff

Wisconsin Court Reverses Summary Judgment; Edge Dropoff Case Remanded for Consideration of County's Negligence

^TOP^ October, 2000

Narrow Shoulder, Excessive Slope, and Edge Dropoff Make Louisiana DOTD Liable for Driver's Paralyzing Injuries

Illinois County Granted Summary Judgment--Injured Bicyclist Was Permitted, Not Intended, User of Bridge; Dissent Argues Decision Will Discourage Making Roads Safer for Bicycles

^TOP^ September, 2000

Passenger Receives Maximum Allowable Award from Tennessee County for Injury Resulting from Edge Dropoff

Minnesota County Required to Post Warning Signs for Shoulder Dropoff

^TOP^ August, 2000

Texas DOT Failed to Provide Adequate Warning of Edge Dropoff to Driver Killed in Work Zone

Nebraska Supreme Court Affirms State's Negligence Where Edge Dropoff in Work Zone Resulted in Fatal Crash

^TOP^ July, 2000

Court Maintains Michigan DOT Has Duty Only to Motorists or Pedestrians on "Improved Portion of the Highway Designed for Vehicular Travel"

Work Zone Traffic Control Proves Hazardous for Trucker -- Settlement at Trial by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ June, 2000

Woman Drives Around Barricades and into Excavation; Nebraska Supreme Court Reverses Summary Judgment for Contractor and Remands Case

Illinois Appeal Court Grants Widow Right to New Trial for Husband's Death in a Work Zone

^TOP^ May, 2000

Tulsa City Personnel Held Liable in Work Zone Accident

South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms DOT Secretary's Immunity from Claim When Driver's Injury Caused by Unmarked Construction Hole on Bridge

^TOP^ April, 2000

Louisiana Roadway Did Not Present an "Unreasonable Risk of Harm" in Fatal Crash Where Intoxicated Driver Went into Deep Ditch at Curve

Louisiana DOTD Failed to Adequately Warn of Change from Four-Way to Two-Way Stop

^TOP^ March, 2000

County Commissioners Immune from Liability for Motorcyclist's Injuries Caused by Raised Pavement Edge in Colorado Work Zone

Texas Appeal Court Finds Contractor Grossly Negligent; Vehicle Collides with Crane Parked in Road

^TOP^ February, 2000

Illinois City Gets a New Trial in Work Zone Crash; Court Must Reconsider Allowing Evidence of Intoxication

Mississippi Court Remands for Decision on Foreseeability of Negligent Driver Hitting Utility Pole; Four Judges File Dissenting Opinion

Tennessee Plaintiff Files Suit Against Eight Public Employees

^TOP^ January, 2000

Quarry Has a Duty to Protect Motorists from Excavation Near Roadway; Indiana Court Affirms Denial of Summary Judgment in Driver's Death

New Mexico City Must Defend Against Claim that It Failed to Keep Sidewalks in Safe Condition for Use by Plaintiff in a Wheelchair

Ohio Court Finds City Negligent Where It Failed to Meet Requirements in Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

^TOP^ December, 1999

Louisiana Parish Found Negligent for Not Replacing Faded, Defaced Stop Sign

Burlington Northern Negligent in Grade Crossing Crash; Faded Stop Sign Part of the Problem

Virginia Driver Not Guilty of Reckless Driving When He Failed to See Faded, Obscured Stop Sign Before Fatal Crash

Faded Stop Sign and Lack of Active Warning Devices Ruled Not a Factor in Alabama Crash Where Motorist Could See the Tracks and the Signs Marking Crossing

^TOP^ November, 1999

South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms Manslaughter Conviction in Deaths of Two Highway Construction Workers

Court Finds Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission Negligent in Not Removing Tree in Clear Recovery Zone

^TOP^ October, 1999

Court Affirms Decision Not to Grant Immunity to Minnesota County When Gravel on Roadway Caused Motorcyclist's Fall and Injuries

Contractor Found Negligent for Knowingly Allowing Subcontractor to Breach Safety Standards; Texas Case Remanded for Reconsideration of Award Amounts

The Dark Side of Nighttime Driving

^TOP^ September, 1999

Alaska Court Remands Case for Decision on Whether Airport Roadway Was Opened to Vehicles in a Negligent Manner

A Crash Course in How to Steer Clear of Trucks

^TOP^ August, 1999

Court Admits Expert's Testimony on Stop Sign Placement in Concluding Texas DOT Negligence Was a Proximate Cause of Fatal Crash

Montana Supreme Court Denies Summary Judgment Where Pavement Dropoff in Construction Zone May Have Caused Motorcycle Crash

"Road Rage" on the Rise, AAA Foundation Reports

^TOP^ July, 1999

Louisiana DOTD Found Negligent in Not Maintaining Safe Shoulder Slope, Not Liable for Driveway on Private Property

Making Roadsides Safer

Maryland Court Reverses Summary Judgment; Jury Must Decide Concrete Plant's Liability for Gravel at Entrance Where Motorcyclist Crashed

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