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Beginning in August 2000, TranSafety will no longer publish the Road Management & Engineering Journal on a regular monthly basis. We will continue to publish the journal periodically--when we have information of special interest. Please check often for new articles.

^TOP^ September, 2001

Safer Journey: Pedestrian Safety Awareness CD-ROM Training Now Available

Bringing the Nighttime Road to Life

^TOP^ July, 2001

Winter Maintenance Virtual Clearinghouse

MDSHA (Maryland State Highway Administration) Strategies for Winter Operations

^TOP^ May, 2001

Caution, Speed Bumps Ahead by Phyllis Orrick

Audubon Publishes Article on Environmental Dangers of Roadway Salt

^TOP^ April, 2001

Technology Helps ODOT Battle Winter Weather by Robin Grant

Ultra-thin Whitetopping: The State-of-the-Practice for Thin Concrete Overlays of Asphalt

Lookout!! New Technology Prevents Blind-Spot Accidents

^TOP^ November, 2000

Ideas for Stretching a Gravel Road Maintenance Budget

Integrating Ecology with Practical Roadside Maintenance by Kathryn Jensen

^TOP^ September, 2000

Rural Residents Pitch in for Dust Control by Lisa Harris

More Ideas for Sharing Road Work Costs by Tom Martin, Program Manager, Indiana LTAP

Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference Scheduled for December, 2000 in College Park, Pennsylvania

^TOP^ July, 2000

A Word from the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearing House

A Few Amazing Facts about Transportation in the U.S.

^TOP^ June, 2000

Preventing Washboarding

Getting Rid of Washboards

Fatality Facts 1998: Large Trucks

^TOP^ May, 2000

Illustrated Use of Work Zone Traffic Control in Three States

AAA Michigan Program Prevents Crashes, One Intersection at a Time

^TOP^ April, 2000

Fatality Facts 1998: General

Lower Speed Limits May Cause More Problems Than They Solve

New Jersey User Thanks TranSafety for Battery Information

^TOP^ March, 2000

Roadside Hazards

Caltrans Updates Work Zone Standards by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ February, 2000

Rumble Strips: A Wake-Up Call for Drowsy Drivers

Axles to Grind: Driving Questions About the Limits to Place on Trucks Traveling Our Roads

Work Zone Improvements by States -- TMA's, Bid Items, and 24-Hour Surveillance by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ January, 2000


User from India Is "Wonderstruck" with the Information Available at USroads.com

Training for Work Zone Safety by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ December, 1999

Travelers Choose the Best Route Before They Hit the Road

RR Grade Crossing Fatalities Prompt ITS Project

Questions & Answers: Daytime Running Lights.

Contest for Highway Worker Safety

^TOP^ November, 1999

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety Release Results of Harris Poll of Public Opinion on Highway Safety

Temporary Pavement Markings and Work Zone Safety: A Forum

Traffic Control Plans: Safely Handling Dropoffs by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ October, 1999

Pavement Smoothness Tips from the King of the Asphalt Oval

Meeting the Customers' Needs for Safer, Smoother Roads

^TOP^ September, 1999

Questions & Answers: Urban Crashes

On the Road Again: Western Maintenance Tour

^TOP^ August, 1999

Crack Sealing Benefits and Techniques

Real-Time Information Reduces Accidents and Congestion in Work Zones

NDOT Initiates Pilot Soundwall Program

^TOP^ July, 1999

Bridge Deck Repairs: Time is of the Essence

Child Passenger Safety

Standard Safety Belt Enforcement

^TOP^ June, 1999

Graduated Licensing

Crash Risk Is Lower Among Teens Subject to Core Provisions of Graduated Licensing

HITEC Concludes Plastic Stop Sign from ALL SIGN Products, Inc. Meets or Exceeds MUTCD Standards

^TOP^ May, 1999

Work Zone Accident Data--Substantial Improvements Needed Editorial comments by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

Improving Work Zone Standards by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

^TOP^ April, 1999

Registration Now Available for the Urban Street Symposium--June 28-30, 1999 in Dallas

Managing Work Zone Safety Editorial comments by Roy W. Anderson, P.E.

AASHTO Issues New Report on Accidents in Work Zones

^TOP^ March, 1999

Golf Carts Are Not Just for Recreation

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Publishes 1997 Statistics on Older Drivers

NHTSA Publishes 1997 Highway Injury and Fatality Statistics for Children

^TOP^ February, 1999

Indiana Study Shows Double-Trailer Vehicles Not Overinvolved in Crashes

National Crash Data Bases Underestimate Underride Statistics

^TOP^ January, 1999

Traffic Calming in Kansas: Examples from Topeka and Manhattan

"Coordinate"-ing Traffic Signs: How Johnson County Manages 9,000 Signs Using GIS/GPS Technology

^TOP^ December, 1998

Ground-Penetrating Radar Hits the Streets and the Bridge Decks

Kansas DOT Works to Increase Customer Satisfaction

^TOP^ November, 1998

Strategies for Solving Urban Transportation Problems in Developing Countries

Speaking Up for Octogenarian Drivers

^TOP^ October, 1998

South Carolina DOT Owes Damages to Minor Pedestrian When Signal Interval Too Short for Safe Crossing

State DOTs and Watershed Management Agencies Collaborate on Planning

^TOP^ September, 1998

California Design Immunity Prevails in Interstate Crash

Finding the Crashes of the Future

Useful Life and Cost-Effectiveness of Three Pavement Marking Materials Studied

Canadian Researchers Test Driver Response to Horizontal Curves

^TOP^ August, 1998

Injuries Associated with Hazards Involving Motor Vehicle Batteries

The U.S. Park Service Hazard Tree Guidelines

New York Local Roads Program Explores the Training Potential of the World Wide Web

"Nevada Milepost" Publishes a Series of Articles on Concrete Pavements

^TOP^ July, 1998

Technical Problems Produced Mixed Results in California Smart Call Box Study

Institutional Lessons Learned from Examining a California Smart Call Box Study

California City Not Liable for Crash at Intersection Where Stop Sign Was Not Replaced

Injuries Associated with Hazards Involving Motor Vehicle Power Windows

^TOP^ June, 1998

Fence of Light Stops Deer

Florida Supreme Court Affirms that Livestock Owners Must Be Shown Negligent to Be Liable for Cow on the Road

Dust: Don't Eat It! Control It!

Questions and Answers: Road Dust Control with Soapstock--A Soybean Oil By-Product

^TOP^ May, 1998

Trucker Not Liable for Injury to Georgia DOT Employee When Lift Bucket Was Below Required Distance from Ground

Chicago Study Focuses on Improving Traffic Management at Incidents on Urban Arterial Roadways

Rural Roads and Bridges: A Comprehensive Analysis

Occurrence of Secondary Crashes of Urban Arterial Roadways

^TOP^ April, 1998

Guidelines for Controlling Beavers and Preventing Roadway Damage

Reclaiming Methods Show Varied Results

Synthesis of Highway Practice 242: Trenchless Installation of Conduits Beneath Roadways

Wisconsin Reports an Innovation in Sign Repair

^TOP^ March, 1998

Maryland Newsletter Defends Deicing and Shares Tips for Snow Crew Safety

Special Bulletin #26: Snow Removal

New Dust Control Material Proves Itself

Pavement Subsurface Drainage Systems

^TOP^ February, 1998

NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practices 245: Traffic Control Systems--Maintenance Management Practices

New Tools for Sign Management: Utah T2 Center Partners with Smart Map Systems LLC to Develop a User-Friendly Sign Management Program

Photographic Traffic Law Enforcement

UDOT's Salt-Detention Basin Design Meets EPS's Permeability Criteria

^TOP^ January, 1998

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis of Highway Practice 228: Reduced Visibility Due to Fog on the Highway, A Synthesis of Highway Practice

Neighborhood Traffic Calming: Seattle's Traffic Circle Program

Traffic Circle Design Criteria

Snow Road Enhancement by Deborah Diemand, Russ Alger, and Valeri Klokov

^TOP^ December, 1997

Texas Researchers Survey Highway Noise-Barrier Practices

An Evaluation Process for Gypsum Sight and Sound Screens Could Serve As a Model for Future Evaluations

Oregon Study Looks at Potential Pavement Damage from High-Pressure Truck Tires and Single-Tired Axles

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 386: Design and Evaluation of Large-Stone Asphalt Mixes

Good Ideas from Winter Maintenance Workshops

Using Salt and Sand for Winter Road Maintenance

Quantifying the Impacts of Road Construction on Wetlands Loss: Final Reports

National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 226: Remediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil

^TOP^ November, 1997

Virginia Motorists Favor Variable-Message Signs That Are Simple, Reliable, and Useful

DOTD Failed to Adequately Warn of Change from Four-Way to Two-Way Stop

How Effective Are Cross Traffic Warning Signs?

Researchers Describe a Method for Managing Bridge Infrastructure

Reactions of Visually and Physically Impaired Pedestrians to Detectable Warning Surfaces on Sidewalk Curb Ramps

Designing Highway Culverts That Do Not Impede the Movements of Resident Fish Species

New Equipment Automates the Collection of Vehicle Noise Data

Maintenance Considerations in Highway Design

^TOP^ October, 1997

Iowa Field Study Documented Successful Heat-Straightening Repair of a Steel Bridge by In-House Personnel

Sealers Shown to Lengthen the Service Life of Concrete Bridges Exposed to Chloride

Large Trucks a Significant Factor in Major Freeway Incidents in Houston, Texas

Warnings Combined with Enforcement Can Reduce Speeding

Study Compares Older and Younger Pedestrian Walking Speeds

Designing Traffic Signals to Accommodate Pedestrian Travel

California Study Addresses Issues of Roadway Noise Control for the Benefit of Endangered Songbirds

Factors that Determine the Reduction in Property Values Caused by Traffic Noise

^TOP^ September, 1997

Florida Survey Helps in Selecting Sign Wording International Tourists Will Understand

Understanding the Reasons for Needing to Improve Drainage

Study Shows That Motorists Drive at Reasonable Speeds

Tractor-Mounted Shoulder Reclaimer Works Well and Saves Money

University of Tennessee Hosts Large Truck Symposium

Rotary Intersection a Winner

Circles Slow Speeders on Residential Streets

National Cooperative Highway Research Program Synthesizes Research on Changeable Message Signs (CMSs)

Survey Finds State DOTs Feel Biodiversity Is a New Issue in Transportation Development Projects

^TOP^ August, 1997

Swareflex Wildlife Warning Reflectors: One Preventive Measure for Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

Discussion of Sign Management Technologies

Questions with Answers from a Gravel Road Expert
Announcement and Call for Papers: Seventh International Conference on Low-Volume Roads

Tires: A New Source for Culvert Pipe

Truck Escape Ramps: Determining the Need and the Location>

Appeals Court Reviews "Legal Duty" and "Discretionary Function" in Runaway Ramp Crash in Idaho

Effects of Aging on Older Drivers

Vision and Driving Performance in Older Drivers

Easy Ways to Use Waste Glass as Aggregate

Study Discussed Characteristics of Longer Combination Vehicles (LCVs) in Relation to Roadway Design

^TOP^ July, 1997

Study Shows Problem of Vehicle-Wildlife Collisions Increasing

Over-Application of Pavement Crack Seal May Be a Hazard to Motorcyclists

Legal Problems: The Liabilities of Roadside Maintenance

Utility Company Must Keep Stored Poles Outside Roadside "Clear Recovery Area"

Simulated On-the-Road Emergencies Used to Test Stopping Sight Distance Assumptions

Planning and Designing Rail-Trails on Abandoned Rail Lines

Report Compares Methods of Analyzing Ramp-Freeway Junctions

Study Spotlights Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Warning Systems

^TOP^ June, 1997

Strategic Highway Research Program Reports on Pothole Repair Survey

California Motorist Convicted of Second-Degree Murder for Road Workers' Deaths

AASHTO Metrication Clearinghouse is On-Line

City of Chicago May Be Negligent for Placement of Cones in Work Zone: Passenger Injured When Bus Forced Too Close to Pillar

Intersections without traffic signals symposium July 21-23, 1997

Systematic Process for Making Highway Improvement Decisions Gained Summary Judgment for Indiana County

Courtesy Patrol Saves Time and Money for Colorado Motorists

Forty-Eight State Survey Showed Pavement Skid-Resistance Evaluation Varied Considerably

Vehicle-Arresting Net Successfully Tested in France

^TOP^ May, 1997

Ohio City May Be Liable When Motorcyclist Not Warned of Stalled Front-End Loader on Roadway

Public Agencies Found Liable for Trap-Like Hazard at End of Dead- End Road and Misleading Route Sign on Highway

Deer-Vehicle Collisions are Numerous and Costly. Do Countermeasures Work?

Roadside Wildlife Reflectors--Do They Work?

Judging the Gap

Roadside Slopes: A Major Contributor to Rollover Accidents

Elderly Drivers and the Comprehension of Traffic Signs

Study Surveyed How Well Kansas Motorists Understand Traffic Control Devices

^TOP^ April, 1997

Sealing Cracks Extends Life of Asphalt Pavement

Pothole Was Repaired after Louisiana Parish Notified of Hazard; Parish Not Liable Without Knowledge of Recurrence

Article Outlines Six Steps to Patching Potholes

Automated Pothole Patching--Better Patches for Less Money

Roadway Collapse Caused by Broken Water Main Was a "Special Defect": Texas City May Be Liable for Motorists' Injuries

Making Intersections Safer for Pedestrians

Connecticut Truck-Mounted Attenuator Passed All Safety Requirements

Researchers Study the Walking Speeds of Older Pedestrians

^TOP^ March, 1997

Addressing Human Factors and Injury Accidents Through the Safety Management System

Winter Maintenance Technology Practices -- Learning from Abroad

Township Must Erect and Maintain Stop Signs Where Township Road Intersects State Road

Inventorying Highway Signs

Call Boxes in Freeway Medians?

Texas Liable for Injuries Caused by Rotating Traffic Light

Licensing Older Drivers I

Licensing Older Drivers II

Licensing Older Drivers III

^TOP^ February, 1997

FHWA Field Tests Anti-Icing in 15 States: New Winter Maintenance Methods Look Promising

Prewetting with Salt Brine for More Effective Roadway Deicing

Iowa's Old-fashioned, Corny Snow Fences

Army Corps of Engineers "Pothole Primer" Is a Good Source Booklet

Wyoming Adopts New Breakaway Gate for Winter Weather Road Closures

"Pipe Bursting" Allows Replacing Pipes with Only Small Excavations in Roadway

Institute of Transportation Engineers Published Report on Road Safety Audits

Low Volume Road Safety

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