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January, 2000
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User from India Is "Wonderstruck" with the Information Available at

Reproduced below is an email TranSafety, Inc. received recently from an Internet user in South India. It is good to know that the information at our website is being used around the world, and it is always nice to receive kind words from someone who has visited our web site.

In responding to this writer's request for printed copies of Road Management & Engineering Journal and Road Injury Prevention and Litigation Journal, we explained that we do not produce hard copies of these journals. However, users should feel free to print journal articles to share with coworkers. We request that printed copies include attribution to TranSafety, Inc. and to our website.

On Friday, November 19, 1999, Rajasekeran R, Vice President of the Federation of Bus Operators' Associations of Tamil Nadu, South India, wrote:

Ours is an association of bus operators of Tamil Nadu, South India, India. Our members operate about 6000 buses in the entire state of Tamil Nadu, traversing on all kinds of roads. They are, therefore, very much interested in roads and road-related subjects.

We were wonderstruck when we visited your website and surfed through the useful information in the many journals and articles.

Though we can take copies of all the articles in your web site for reading and bringing them to the notice of the Highway Authorities of our State, yet, we are interested in getting copies of the journals on Road Injury Prevention & Litigation and Road Management & Engineering regularly.

Is it possible for us to subscribe from India to get copies of these journals so that we can make use of them and also appraise our Highway Authorities on issues related to roads dealt with in these journals? If so, how? Kindly clarify.

Thanking you,

Rajasekeran R, Vice President
Federation of Bus Operators' Associations of Tamil Nadu

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