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Road Management & Engineering Journal
April 1, 1998
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Wisconsin Reports an Innovation in Sign Repair

(This article is reproduced, with permission, from the Summer 1996 issue of "Crossroads," a publication of the Transportation Information Center at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.)

Sign Repairs Get Step Up

Green County's patrolmen are finding it easier to replace road signs thanks to an idea from patrolman Alan King. A small step welded to back of the side wing plow puts the worker at just the right height. The step is much more stable than ladders on the sloping ground along roads and the worker's hands are free to easily replace the sign. The 12 x 18 inch step grid costs about $35 to fabricate from non-slip floor grating.

"We feel these steps have helped us continue to be effective with one-person sign replacements and, more importantly, made them safer operations," says Green County General Superintendent, Jeff Wunschel.

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